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Litmus Wines, both independently and through Worontschak Wine Services are winemaking consultants in the UK and abroad.

The scope of these services varies amongst our clients from winemaking styles and blends, through to business management and right up to being imbedded within the company - undertaking full operational control in both the wine production and the sales and marketing of a clients wines.

Denbies Wine Estate, Surrey, UK

Litmus Wines is based at Denbies where we run a contract winemaking service and John Worontschak and Matthieu Elzinga are the full time winemakers. We also oversee and manage domestic and export sales.

Ambriel Sparkling, West Sussex UK

At Ambriel Sparkling we oversee the winemaking process providing consultancy advice in the cellar.

Lallemand Oenology

Litmus Wines have been working in an ambassadorial role with Lallemand since 2008, exploring with retailers and wineries on how their wines can be improved with technical expertise. Lallemand are the leading suppliers in Biological products for the wine industry worldwide and are widely recognised as being at the forefront in their field in terms of research and development.

As users of Lallemand in our international winemaking enterprise we are proud to work closely with Lallemand's Research and Development team to assist in their new product development and share our independent findings to the wider global winemaking community.


About John

John Worontschak has consulted to wineries all over the world and is currently the wine production consultant at the following wineries.

Fanagoria, Senoi, Russia

Casa Madero, Mexico

Dalton Winery, Galilee, Israel

Enquiries about these wines and their distribution can be made at [email protected]