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Litmus Wines have been working in an ambassadorial role with Lallemand since 2008, exploring with retailers and wineries alike how their wines can be improved with technical expertise. Lallemand are the leading suppliers in Biological products for the wine industry worldwide and are widely recognised as being at the forefront in their field in terms of research and development.

As users of Lallemand in our UK winemaking enterprise we are proud to be the suppliers of a range of Lallemand products for the UK wine and cider industries and offer an assortment of yeasts, fermentation aids and bacteria to the trade. With an in depth knowledge of the characteristics and benefits of the Lallemand range and a long history of English winemaking we are well placed to both understand your needs and explain how their use can express the true nature of your vineyard.

UK Product List



Lalvin EC1118: Ferments well at low temperature and flocculates well with very compact lees. Also certified organic.

Still White

Level 2 TD: For aromatic intensity, complexity and mouthfeel in white wines.

Lalvin CY3079 YSEO: For classic white burgundy.

Cross Evolution YSEO: Strong fermenting yeast.

Lalvin QA23 YSEO: Successfully ferments highly clarified musts.

BOOSTER Blanc: For increased mid-palate intensity and fresh aromas.

Uvaferm WAM: For classic Sauvignon Blanc character.

Still Red

Lalvin Clos YSEO: For ultra premium red wine. Excellent tool to enhance complexity structure and mouthfeel.

Uvaferm HPS YSEO: The highest producer of polysaccharides.

Velluto BMV58 YSEO: Increases glycerol concentration for distinctive voluptuous flavours.

BOOSTER Rouge: For adding colloidal balance and structure.

Still Rose

Lalvin ICV GRE YSEO: If fruit maturity is less than optimum, ICV GRE is excellent for bringing overall balance to red, rose and white wines.

Lalvin ICV OPALE YSEO: Higher aromatic intensity in rose and whites.

Inactivated Yeasts

Reduless: Inactivated yeast formulated to reduce H2S and other reductive charcaters plus improve overall wine quality.

Noblesse: Inactivated yeast for smooth and balanced wines.

Opti-Red: Inactivated yeast for rounded and smooth tannin red wines.

Opti-White: Inactivated yeast for rounded and smooth whites.

OptiMUM White: Specific inactivated yeast for aromas’ intensity and longevity in white and rose wines.

OPTILEES: Specific inactivated yeast for silky and voluptuous wines



Lallemand has created an easy-to-use new tool on the web to make selecting the appropriate wine bacteria much simpler. We invite you to try it yourself.

This interactive tool responds to the growing demand from wine producers who recognize the contribution of selected wine bacteria to the sensory profile of wines. The choice of the selected bacteria most likely to promote the desired aroma profile is based on the conditions in the must and the wine. Characterization of Lallemand's wine bacteria has led them to a good understanding of the production of specific aroma compounds, their impact on the structure of the wine, and their role on the final quality of the wine.

Based on the sensory objectives desired for the wine and the specific winemaking conditions and with the help of this new tool, winemakers can get recommendations regarding the most appropriate wine bacteria and instructions on their utilization.

Lalvin VP41: Supports red berry fruit and very low diacetyl production.

Beta: Activity and varietal aroma adapted to high SO2 wines.

Alpha: Low temperature wines



Go-Ferm: Preparation for the rehydration of yeast.

Nutrient Vit NATURE: Complex yeast nutrients for wines.

Nutrient Vit: Complex yeast nutrients for wines.

Nutrient Vit End: Specific nutrient for the end of difficult fermentation.



Lallzyme C-MAX: Clarifying enzyme for extreme conditions.

Lallzyme Cuvée Blanc: White grape skin-contact macerating enzyme.

Lallzyme EX: Macerating enzyme for early-release red wines.