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Filature & Tree

We source fruit from Domaine Saint Hillaire, a family owned historic vineyard established in 1817. This stunning domaine is situated on the Southern French coast near Mèze. Low rainfall, an abundance of sunshine and cool night temperatures combine to create a perfect climate for the creation of these exquisite wines.

Litmus created the Filature label and work closely with the team in the winery to produce some truly remarkable wines.

Saint Hilaire is currently owned by Nick and Lisa Kent who are from the UK and USA respectively.


On rising ground a few kilometres from the Étang de Thau, the Domaine benefits from the area's 300 days of sunshine but is protected from extreme temperatures by its proximity to the sea. The main feature of the landscape is a ridge running Northwest to Southeast across the main parcels of the vineyard.

The ridge has the benefit of producing three separate terroirs each with different limestone / clay soils and aspects to the sun.  The varied terroir has been used to great effect with the planting of different varieties of grape each suited to the terroir and the style of wine intended.  The north-facing cooler slope has perhaps been a key ingredient behind the much-acclaimed success of the Saint Hilaire whites.

The Vineyards

The wine making team is long-established with an average tenure with the vineyard of 15 years including the chief winemaker, Vincent Maurel, who has been refining and improving his approach to making the wines over the past 18 years.

His philosophy is to let nature naturally express the qualities of the terroir and grapes from the 40+ year old Grenache, Syrah and Chardonnay vines. The focus on quality has been relentless with yields being kept low - averaging around 25 Hl/Ha in recent years.


The historic manor house also has 4 luxurious bedrooms available for guests throughout the year and is open for visitors to taste the wines 6 days per week.