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Lord John Worontschak and his wife, Dr. Hilary, founded Ginking on one glorious evening in 2016 when the two had the idea to craft something that had never been done before in the drinks world. Combining superb winemaking and distillation techniques, they created Ginking. A pioneering recipe of wine and herbal juniper-led London Dry Gin harmoniously blended to create a ready-made distinctive and crisp botanically infused fizz. Bubbly and delectably light, Ginking’s versatile qualities mean it can be appreciated on it's own or over ice with rosemary or citrus peel garnish.


A delicious ready to drink alternative aperitif for fullness of refreshment!


Ginking has done more than refine old traditions: it has started new ones, and throughout the years, the Ginking team has continued to use their expertise to craft the perfect blend for each Ginking style. By carefully sourcing and matching quality wine grapes to botanicals from the same region. The Ginking Original White 8.5% and Ginking Original Rosé 8.5% white wine grapes and botanicals come from England, The Ginking Botanica Italia 8.5% from Italy, and the Ginking Mediterranean 8.5% from Spain. Ginking's grapes are harvested at optimal ripeness, and the wine is then made using a dry, crisp traditional white wine method. The London Dry Gin, distilled in partnership with The Gin Kitchen in Dorking, is then blended with the water from an English source before it is bottled and packaged at Kingsland Winery in Manchester.

Ginking is truly an authentic, innovative endeavour.

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Ginking Original White 75cl 8.5% abv
Ginking Original Rosé 75cl 8.5% abv

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