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Still Wine Calculator

The pricing calculated using this cost calculator is purely to help producers with their vintage preparations and provide indicative costs that they can expect to incur when using the services of Litmus Wines. It does not constitute a formal quotation as the volumes and losses cannot be accurately predicted and may vary at the point of pressing, fermentation and bottling. 

You can move backwards and forwards between steps to re-calculate. You can only move to the next step once the relevant information has been provided.

Be aware that this calculation is assuming the full package of services required (with the exception of Malolactic fermentation oaking and storage). If the full package is not required then remove any non-applicable figures.

The estimates we have made on yields when converting from tonnes to bottles are conservative

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Stage 1

Number of tonnes crushed or whole berry pressed (WBP) *Select from the drop down the number of tonnes anticipated for crushing or whole berry pressing (WBP)

£525 per 8 tonnes crushed or 3 tonnes Whole Berry Pressed (WBP)

Denbies Wine Estate Buy-back SchemeFor every tonne of Whole Berry Pressed fruit there will be approximately 100 litres of pressings and for every tonne of Crushed fruit there will be approximately 120 litres of pressings that Denbies is willing to purchase from the producer for £1 per litre. This can be offset against the contract winemaking charges.

Stage 2

Number Bottled *Enter the anticipated number of bottles that will be produced based on approx 700 bottles per tonne WBP or 800 bottles/tonne crushed.

Malolactic FermentationEnter a proportionate number of bottles that you wish to undergo malolactic fermentation (MLF). For example, if 10,000 bottles are produced and you wish to have 40% of the wine undergo MLF then enter 4,000 bottles.

If partial MLF is required then pro rata bottle numbers

OakEnter a proportionate number of bottles that you wish to have stored in oak against any of the 4 different age groups.

If partial oak then pro rata bottle numbers

If your desire is, for example, 20% new and 80% older oak then pro rata bottles.

Cork or Screw CapSelect how you would like your wine sealed.

Your Results

Indicative cost per unit £0.00

This is based on a total estimated cost of £0.00

This figure would be payable over 2 instalments.

The first payment would be due on the 1st December for £0.00.
The remaining balance of £0.00 would be due 30 days from completion of bottling/packaging.

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Cost based on number of tonnes crushed or whole berry pressed (WBP)
WBP Pressings buy-back
Crushed Pressings buy-back
Discount applied
Stage 1 Payment

The costing is based on bottles.

QuantityUnit PriceTotal
Fermentation Fee£ 1.00
Malolactic fermentation (per bottle)£ 0.16
Oak New (per bottle)£ 1.60
Oak 1 year old (per bottle)£ 0.80
Oak 2 year old (per bottle)£ 0.40
Oak 3 years or older (per bottle)£ 0.25
Bottling Fee
Cost of bottle
Cost of cork
Analysis cost (Pre and post bottling)1£ 159.00£ 159.00
Applying labels (2) front and back£ 0.21
Applying labels (3) front, back and neck£ 0.27
Boxing and taping£ 0.055
Applying capsule£ 0.05
Cost of capsule0£0.05
Cost of label
Cost of box
Storage (in months)
Stage 2 Payment

* Storage cost is based on £0.02 per bottle stored per calendar month. 30 days storage is offered free of charge.
** The bottling cost is reduced by 10% if labels are supplied prior to bottling.